Summer Forest 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper

Summer Forest 3D Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper

Decorate your desktop with this summer-themed animated screensaver and wallpaper
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Summer is the vocational season par excellence, and thus, it is beloved by many people. This screensaver shows an animated scene of a forest in summer. The program lets you walk through woods and grass in beautiful scenery complete with a peaceful water stream. The animated 3D effects are very good and let you feel as if you were walking through a real forest. The program also includes soothing and relaxing music and sounds that reinforce the pleasant feeling conveyed by the program. You can set some of the screensaver's properties according to your taste. For example, you can turn on/off the music and sound effects, adjust the screen ratio and resolution, and more.
The program takes a lot of graphic resources from your computer, and thus, you need to have a good graphic card in order the program can run smoothly. Otherwise, you will have choppy and uneven animations.
The shareware version of the program runs during few seconds before showing a "nag screen" both in the screensaver and the wallpaper asking you to register your copy. Despite this fact, it lets you get a clear idea about the program before deciding if you want to purchase it or not.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Nice animation and 3D effects
  • Good music and sound effects


  • Resource-intensive
  • You need a good graphic card for the program to work smoothly
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